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Knin is located in northern Dalmatia, in Šibenik - Knin County.

It is a road intersection of Adriatic and continental Croatia. Knin is well connected with the popular tourist destinations Šibenik, Split, Zadar and the capital Zagreb. It is possible to get to Knin by train via Zagreb, which is connected by railway with almost every major city in Europe. There are also two airports nearby, Split Airport (approx. 50km) and Zadar Airport (approx. 70km).

Knin is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It had the municipal status even in the Ancient Age. The first mention of Knin (Ninia) as a city (poleis) occurred 7 years BC in the famous Strabon’s Geography when Knin was one of only four Delmatic cities.

Knin is located in a valley, and this relief form is very attractive. The town is surrounded by 9 mountains (Orlovica, Ilica, Plješevica, Bukovac, Badnja, Dinara, Kozjak, Svilaja and Promina) and lies on 7 rivers (Krčić, Krka with tributaries: Butižnica, Orašnica, Kosovčica and tributaries of Butižnica: Radljevac and Marčinkovac).