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Tailor made package tour means great flexibility and the possibility of adapting the program to the client's wishes. Literally translated, it means a service tailored to the user / adapted to the user.

It is made for users who want more than standard offer. Traveling at a time that suits you, transport, accommodation and activities of your choice with our expert advice and assistance are the advantages of this type of service. A tailor-made arrangement provides a unique experience because it was created especially for you.

To create a tailor-made package tour, call us or send us an inquiry by email with the following information - how many people are traveling; what is the travel destination; in which period you want to travel; what type of accommodation are you interested in; what are your interests and what do you want to experience; what is your budget?

We will contact you as soon as possible with an itinerary proposal and together we will create the trip. For additional information, contact us at

Package tour created "by your measure"! You choose the date and duration of the trip, the type of transport, the type of accommodation and activities in the destination.